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Default Re: Fourth and fifth best heavyweights of the nineties ?

=NoNeck;13969660]And that's a bull**** argument.
No. Its a valid argument.

That's like saying Jones' win over Hopkins is worse than Rigo's win over Rico Ramos because Rigo beat the more established fighter.
Not sure if I'd use that comparison but incidently, Rigo had only 8 fights and beat a world champion.. Jones was an established contender who beat what was THEN considered as a very inexperienced nobody. Nevertheless, if rating victories based on what a fighter would accomplish LATER is what determined the greatness of a win, then I guess we have a lot of great fighters running around who can say they beat Archie Moore.

If a fighter falls apart after a loss that's one thing, but a win can gain value in hindsight.
Perhaps. But the key thing is, Lewis improved after changing managers, then went on to do his best work later. Now, if McCall had beaten Lewis in 1997 RATHER than in 1994, THEN his win would be better than Foreman's was over Moorer. As it stands McCall did the opposite by beating Moorer in 1994 and losing in 1997... Get my drift?

I'm guessing you're a fan of Foreman to suggest that.
Actually I'm a fan of both Foreman's and Lewis's. But also have the insite to know how wins should be valued.
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