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Default Re: How were old timers so good?

Originally Posted by bremen View Post
Boxing record (amateur + pro) :
W.Klitshcko 192-9
J.Louis 116-7

1974 Word boxing Championship: 274 boxers from 45 countries participating.
2011 Word boxing Championship: 685 boxers from 127 countries participated.

What do you make from that?
Amateur boxing isn't really even boxing any more. Two different sports. As far as Wlad and Louis, I don't really consider Louis much of an old-timer. I know guys in his era did still fight all the time, but he didn't and when he did he wasn't necessarily matched all that tough. Plus you have that break he took during the war. My opinion on Wlad is he woud be a champ in any era. Extremely good and gigantic.

As far as world amateurs, many of them don't even go pro and not many pros were high level amateurs. My understanding of the early to mid 1900's was that pretty much every kid boxed at least some. Most of the pros back then didn't come from serious amateur backgrounds (ie Olympic/world champs). Also I don't consider the 70's to be that long ago.
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