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Default Re: Davey Moore vs Vernon Forest at 154

Originally Posted by lora View Post
I wouldn't say Mosley was as athletic as Moore at 154 flea

Moore was very quick and fluid with his punches here, where Mosley was mostly a one punch at a time plodder, Moore could fire off double hooks and Leonard-esque right hands with ease.Even though Moore wasn't so quick on his feet or in terms of defensive reflexes, i'm not really sure he's at a disadvantage at 154 there either, Mosley was a 2nd tier fighter in nearly every respect physically as a junior middle.Both were the kind of fighters that could slip shots if they focused on it, but lacked a high level of integration between defence and offene.
I'm taking Moore, but I'm pitting him against the best welterweight version of Shane weighing in on the same day. But yeah, I was giving Shane a small chance, I still think he was quicker of hand, essentially I was saying he'd fare the better out of those three stylistically. Would you agree?

What about Trinidad? A Reid-esque fight? If so, could Moore do better? I'll take Trinidad but I'm all ears.

Could only do one or the other, I agree with that too.
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