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Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
The comparison is quality.

Haye trades primarily upon his physical capabilities. He has used them to beat every opponent he has ever met at world level. When he met an opponent who he could not dominate in this way he produced nothing. I don't mean figuratively, I mean literally.

A total absence of impact of any description upon the only opponent he wasn't able to dominate with athleticism did not see him beaten - it saw him rendered absolutely impotent. He showed zero ring iq - not figuratively, literally - no aggression - not figuratively, literally - and no heart.

Fighters like that don't beat elite fighters. Doesn't happen.
Yes but the quality of one man being a stone lighter and one man being 3 stone heavier is totally different.

Findi9ng oneself impotent against Wlad does not, to me atleast, translate to fiding oneself impotent against Dempsey.
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