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Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
Indeed they are different, but the principle remains the same. Size is the same as any other factor, something to be overcome. The idea that Haye completely froze and offered absolutely nothing because Wladimir is bigger is not something I can believe.

I see nothing to suggest that Haye's chances would be better than Peter's or Ibragimov's. Haye isn't shot yet, and there's a fight out there that would make me think differently, perhaps, if he took it, but right now he's a never-was, and amongst Wlad's most pitiful challengers.

Ain't picking no never-was to beat Jack Dempsey.
That's the difference then. I do believe it. He was against a man not only his superior, but also 3 stone heavier and 5 inches taller. He knew he had no chance and wanted to just survive.

I don't think he's a never was though, he's an undisputed CW champion who couldn't handle the step up in weight.

Maybe he'll get a fight with Vitali (I'd expect him to win if he did) and that would lead to a rematch to Wlad (I'd expect him to look equally as ****) but all that relies on the success of Vitali's political campaign.

I don't pick Haye to beat Demspey neither. Just for different reasons.
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