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Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
And I didn't say they weren't.

You don't see how Haye's total inability to compete with his only elite opponent on any level, that he didn't even try to win might not be relevant in his competing with another elite opponent?

Haye didn't just lose - he shat his pants and gave up on trying to win. Immediately. He offered almost nothing. He knew he was being beaten out of sight - and he didn't do anything. It's extraordinary, really, that people still think of him highly enough to make these type of fights. But I suppose he's fast and looks the part. He might be competitive with ATG heavies, but I personally don't see it that way.
I agree with every single word.

You might not agree with this but his performance against Valuev was everything I hate about boxing. Apart from the 12th round, briefly.
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