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Default Re: How good was Davey Moore

Originally Posted by ripcity View Post
Despite the odds he was put in against Duran too early. Odds are set for the casino/sports book to make money.
He could have used more seasoning. Anytime you can stop Benitez in 2 rounds. You've done something right. However Benitez had by than seen better days.
While Moore had a lot of potential. I think his winning a championship so early in his career was more of a case of being in the right place at the right time, than anything else. I think with or without the loss to Duran he'd have lost to Buster Drayton, Lupe Aquino and John David Jackson.
His stoppage of Benitez isn't as impressive as it initially appears. Benitez suffered a freakish broken ankle on the knockdown and proceeded to just stand in the corner and slip punches for a while before the referee stopped it.
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