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Default Re: How good was Davey Moore

Yeah, but surely you'll remember whether or not people still had No Mas and Kirkland Laing in their minds eye? Past his best and naturally smaller (let's not go over this again) and probably going to get in a tear up with a young fast bigger guy with a decent whack??

It's feasible matchmaking in any era. Are the guys that are 25-0 with loads more padding than Davey Moore had any more well prepared? What other opponents would you suggest Moore have to season himself further?

He'd beaten a solid banger and a (admittedly weight drained) top class boxer, which opponents, without taking a step down just to get more fights under the belt, would you suggest Moore face before taking on a guy that's ranked lower than him anyway?

The only way was up for Moore. Again, stepping him up against Weir and Kalule was not a bad idea. So if Duran wasn't the next step, who was?
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