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Default Re: high intensity good is it for boxing or for general

Ugh this thread is brutal.

HIT has its place as a good way of adding sarcoplasmic fluid to muscle fast. But that mass isn't very strong. Sarcoplamsic fluid provides no added strength. Fluid by definition cant contract.

However, the sarcoplasm does contain all the nutrients that the myofiber needs to grow. You will get better myofiblar hypertrophy if you have high sarcoplasm. It is this synergy between the two types of hypertrophy that is the basis for Russian conjugate training and westside barbell.

If you are concerned about weight gain from extra sarcoplasm that a boxer really doesn't need you just do what Eastern European weightlifters have been doing for years and cut out the high intensity stuff before competition. Sarcoplasm is very transient in the body and quickly sheds when not used.
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