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Default Re: Does the best chin always beat the biggest punch?

Originally Posted by zadfrak View Post
Zamora over Pedroza comes to mind and fits the bill. But it's so rare to see those concrete chin guys stopped.

And I guess it can be cuts that stop the fight and not a 10 count. Like say Vitali stopping Ross Puritty. He took some major league shots in that fight back when Vitali threw that A#1 right hand of his. How, I don't know but he got hit on the button. It sure busted him up though and a fighters skin has to be able to last also.
Pedroza was a lanky and vulnerable bantamweight.

Saensak Muangsurin was knocked out by an average puncher, Sang-Hyun Kim, admittedly after being battered for 13 rounds.

It happens. Not 'official' really but Marlon Starking had a great chin and was a great defensive fighter, and Molinares, hardly known but only known for his power, turned the trick. He shut Starling's lights out whatever the circumstances and, looking at it, it wasn't a sucker punch was it?
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