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Default Re: Davey Moore vs Vernon Forest at 154

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
And? He beat three top ten guys with varying styles. Beat Nsbuga (was he top ten too? Sure Duran had not long beaten him at welter) quicker than Duran did. How much better was he going to get?

Duran was not seen as the killer that showed up that night. If Moore had moved up to middle to face Hagler, I'd be screaming lunacy. But he'd taken risks against good fighters and passed them all with flying colours, showing a lack of defence but a good chin and a very solid offence.

It's like saying David Reid was rushed into a fight with Tito when he'd gone got for tat with Boudouani. If Moore was looking hideous I'd understand. But how was he being rushed when he was succeeding?!
a fighter can succeed and still be rushed. 11 fights is not good enough for a guy of Duran's level. They were underestimating Duran, which is the worst way to go in against Duran or any top fighter. I remember when Hearns fought Duran, Hearns and Emanual knew Duran had hard punches and they went in there with the thought to land hard punches and knock him out before he could get anything landed. No one ever went in there to knock out Duran. I mention Duran because of the obvious connection Davey Moore has to him.

And about success. Even success doesn't mean a fighter is not rushed. Jermain Taylor. good fighter, but rushed a little. Beat Hopkins, but had he had 10 more fights he would have learned how to have fight plans and maybe use his great speed defensively so he wouldn't have had all the grueling fights packed in just a few fights. I remember thinking that Jermaine was going to burn out because he is not experienced enough to make the fights easier, and they wear out. The Pavlik fight was inevitable. Then you look at a guy like Chavez. Many people got upset when Haugen said he fought Tijuana Taxi drivers, but those "taxi drivers" gave him some rest from the grueling fights and activity and experience to he could work on his defense. Fights mean a lot. Had Ronald Hearns had 10 more fights he might have been better, since he lacked the amatuer experience. 10 more fights at that starting level means everything.

Fernando Vargas another guy who was successful but would have done so much better with 10 more fights. Then you look at a guy like Hagler. Had he won the middleweight title in the late 1970s when he could have probably, he would have lost it to someone like Vito or Monroe. Just having those extra fights helped him hold onto it. And then Moore had 11 fights.. Look at all the guys like Hearns/Leonard. They won their first titles at I think Ray had 24 and Hearns 28-0. I am talking too much now. I just meant 10 fights means a lot.
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