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Default Re: UFC champ Anderson Silva says 'no way' to superfight with Jon Jones

Originally Posted by BobDigi5060 View Post

I don't know why everyone holds it against the MW champ for not making a title run at 205...... Anderson Silva a stud, and is only being true to himself.

**** everyone else and those in this thread.

The guy is 37 years old, and Jones is an enormous monster. Anderson's 205 fights are an interesting bonus to his career and that is all. He's the long-time MW champion and nobody can fault him for not wanting to move up and face a dominant champion who is twice his size and more than a decade younger. Especially not when Anderson is pushing 40, with a style that relies heavily on pinpoint striking and quick reflexes. And also, his biggest stylistic weakness plays right into Jones' biggest strength.

I don't see it as a particularly competitive fight anyway. I mean, Chael took Silva down immediately and sat on him for a full 5 minutes in Anderson's last fight. If Chael can immediately take him down in 6 out of 7 rounds they fought, Jones can do it. Anderson had massive trouble with Chael achieving top control. Would he find it easier if the bigger, stronger and more dangerous Jones was on top of him throwing down elbows?

That fight just seems like a beatdown to me, and it's not a challenge that Silva should be realistically expected to meet.

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