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Default Re: The official STEPHAN BONNAR express!!!!!

I'm actually more excited for this fight than I was for Chael 2.

Before Sonnen 2, I watched "Like Water", and it was totally clear that Anderson was nowhere near peak fighting form leading into the fight. Physically and mentally Chael got the weakest possible Anderson in the first fight. I hadn't appreciated the extent of Anderson's injury or negative mindset before I saw the doco. Or, perhaps, the benefit of Chael's extra testosterone.

Second time around Anderson was always going to be much better. Plus I was very dubious about Sonnen's weight-cut guy and his boasting that his revolutionary technique could have 35 year old Chael cutting 80 pounds in the twenty minutes before the weigh-in, with no ill effects. And sure enough, at the weigh-in Chael looked like a skeleton. His face was drawn, he didn't look confident, and in the fight he was completely out of gas after one round.

With Bonnar, obviously you still expect Anderson to win, but it's a lot more "WTF is going to happen in there?" type fight.

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