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Default Re: Ike Quartey vs these 4 welterweights.

Originally Posted by brnxhands View Post
Zab Judah
Floyd Mayweather
Manny Pacquiao
Antonio Margartito.

who would you favor ike against in these matches?
He whips Judah and knocks him out.

Mayweather wins. Quartey isn't physical or busy enough. He has the jab to give Floyd a bit of trouble, but ultimately loses a decision.

Again, Ike may not be physical enough to beat Pac. He hits hard enough to keep Pac honest for a bit, but I don't think he has the movement to prevent Pac putting his hands all over him with those angles. Tough call. Pac probably wins a decision.

Margo is pretty even probably due to the pressure factor. Ike beats him to the punch and obviously outboxes him, but he probably starts getting beat up the later it goes.

I could be underrating Ike here, and I think he has a great chance to beat all but Mayweather, but I'm interested to hear what others have to say about this.
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