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Default Re: Barerra vs Morales I. What a phenom**** Fight. Alot of heart in the ring that nig

[quote=salsanchezfan;13972288]I had it for Barrera by two points, and as others have noted, while it was a bad decision it wasn't a horrible travesty. It was a hotly contested fight, give and take all the way. Yeah, the wrong guy got the call, but life is that way sometimes. Barrera got his day in the end, at the expense of Morales in their second fight which was also a bad call going the other way. It evens out in the end then, and makes this bit of history more palatable.

Both guys got away with one in this trilogy, which marks perhaps the only time any of us can recall when two wrongs actually DO make a right. It's all good.[/quote/

Well said my man..They kinda even each other out, but your right it all good , we know who won each fight, and its water under the bridge.
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