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Default Re: Thoughts on Veeraphol Sahaprom?

Nice encyclopaedia entry on him, is that, Flea.

Agree (with lora) that he was the best of the alphabetty spaghetti champs and that Austin and Marquez were overrated in comparison, even though Sahaprom's overall record wasn't that much better. Would've been interesting to see him against them because he would've beaten them both imo. Him and Austin might have been a bit of a snoozer if Austin sat back on his height/reach and Sahaprom was too patient/wary, but Marquez-Sahaprom would have been a nice clash of styles.

Oh, and Choi is one of the khan's generals reincarnated after dying gloriously against the Teutonic Knights, though not before he killed ****loads of them with a single haymaker bomb that didn't even land. They just saw him draw him arm back and then literally **** themselves lifeless inside their armour. Blew their sphincters clean inside out like one those tooters you get at parties. Then he just vanished into the Force like Alec Guinness.....oh **** it, Boxed Ears carries this sort of ****e of ten times better....
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