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Default Re: How would you fight someone who has a significant height/reach advantage?

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After watching a lot of Rocky Marciano (an old boxing legend, undefeated, stood 5'10" and a goddamn 67" wingspan my gawd), I became curious of how short people would strategize against much taller/longer-armed people. Let's say someone's opponent is half a foot taller and has 10" longer reach (like what Marciano had to deal with).

In boxing, shorter people tend to adjust their style to be skilled at working on the inside, keeping constant pressure, and lots of head movement. In MMA, I just can't imagine it. On outside range, the taller guy has an advantage with straights and kicks. On the inside, they'll just clinch/thai clinch you which they also have an advantage. The only possibility I see is takedowns but then most likely the taller person is fighting off the back foot and will be all ready for it.

So? Strategize a scenario.
There are plenty of examples of small guys successfully competing with and beating taller opponents with bigger reaches, both in the ring and the octagon. Best approach is to watch the videos of those matchups and see for yourself how they went about it.

Like all things in combat though, nothing is guaranteed to work all the time.
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