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Default Re: How were old timers so good?

My answer to the question is that old time boxers in general were not as good as some claim. It's mostly a bunch of smoke and mirrors, and I think this bull**** hurts the sport. It also goes against logic and common sense.

Just one example... Fighters today can study video of the best fighters from all eras and learn that way. They can break down every move, every sequence, moment by moment. They can also watch their opponents before they get in the ring with them. Fighters way back in the day couldn't do any of that because there was no video, no internet, etc. They could only learn about their opponents from newspaper reports or from watching them in person.

Of course, not everything is better nowadays. One of the main problems in boxing is that top guys don't fight each other enough and the sanctioning bodies don't force them to.

However, the idea that fighting every month (or multiple times a month) would make boxers better is doubtful, in my opinion. Most of those guys who fought that often died in poverty and were a physical wreak by the time they retired.
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