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Default Re: Hmm. Would Lennox, Wladimir and Audley have won Gold if Felix fought at SHW and i

I think some people are missing the elephant standing in the room here, that in fact Savon although big wasn't a Super Heavyweight, but a regular Heavyweight (< 200lbs, Cruiser in pro boxing) in his whole amature career. Certainly in '88 when he was pretty young.

The Super HW was Stevenson's and later Baldado's domain if it came to Cuban competitors. So he wouldn't even have competed at the weight if the Cubans would have attended the '88 Olympics.
He aslo probably couldn't have coped with the best Super Heavies in that time, wich he showed by being dropped twice in the '91 world HW final by a non puncher and only getting away with the win because of his name/reputation, leaving a booing crowd behind.

So the answer to your question is a very big YES... LL, Wlad and even Audley would still have won gold.
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