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Default Re: Did Haye and Adamek fight the wrong brother?

Originally Posted by macp1 View Post
Did each guy fight the brother most likely to beat them? Why would Adamek's warrior like mentality bother Vitali and his chin? Wlad on the other hand might have been more weary of Adamek's constant pressure, and worried about getting caught. Wlad would have had to open up to properly KO Adamek.

Haye's footwork, speed, and finesse was negated by Wlad's almost as good, or arguable better footwork, speed and finesse. However, against Vitali, Haye would enjoy quite a huge advantage.

I think Wlad beats Adamek wide UD, 119-109 stuff, while Haye and Vitali might be really close. I'd favour Haye if Vitali has wind issues, but can see md or sd for Vitali.

Am I right?
Adamek can not survive safety pin Wlad no way!!!
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