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Default Re: 70's heavies v 90's heavies ?

Originally Posted by Stevie G View Post
Here's a good tester for this thread. The top 5 of each decade teaming up against each other. Each 70s heavy fights a 90s one,and vice versa. Two points for a win and one for a draw. I've put out what I consider to be the best version of each man in his respective decade.


Muhammad Ali 1972/74
George Foreman 1973/74
Joe Frazier 1970/71
Larry Holmes 1978/79
Ken Norton 1973/76


Lennox Lewis 1997/99
Evander Holyfield 1990/93
Rid**** Bowe 1991/93
Mike Tyson 1990/91
Michael Moorer 1993/94
Good, interesting idea, but i feel abit uncomfortable about having Moorer as one of the top 5 of the 90s. I mean he probably was, but i can easily see someone like Ruddock or Bruno knocking MM out.
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