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Default Re: Did Haye and Adamek fight the wrong brother?

As to the OP. Had Haye fought Vitali in 2011, he may have fared better than he did vs Wlad, but he still aint winning that fight.
Maybe a 8-4 type decision loss, but he's also more likely to get starched by Vitali. Fact is, Vitali could forget about playing nice with him and really impose himself on Haye, just as he did Adamek, and even with Haye's speed, he aint getting by Don Vito.

As for Adamek vs the Wlad that fought Haye, or any version of chance in hell at winning.

It was obvious during the Vitali v Adamek fight that Vitali did not want to hurt Adamek. He basically went 8 rds only doing enough to keep Adamek from winning until he was pulled.
Chances are a Wlad fight would be quite similar only Adamek corner having to pull him sooner rather than later.
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