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Default Re: Foremans win over moorer

Originally Posted by mad*****ter View Post
Great win for Foreman, but let's face it guys: He was lucky. He knew he was the underdog and landed that one shot that earned him the belt.

After winning he needed a robbery against journeyman level Eurobum Axel Schulz in a scandalous SD decision win. Foreman ducked the rematch after the IBF made Schulz the mandatory challenger, dropped the IBF belt and fought Briggs for some joke belt.

Let's go through comeback Foreman's performance:

1. Loses to Holyfield
2. Loses to Morrison
3. After being outboxed by former LHW Michael Moorer, Foreman lands a lucky shot in the 10th and KO's Moorer.
4. A badly faded Foreman needs a SD robbery against Eurobum Axel Schulz. Most observers had this 116-114 for Schulz.
5. The IBF installs Schulz as mandatory challenger after the scandalous fight. Foreman drops his IBF belt and fights some bum for the WBU belt.
6. Foreman loses a SD to Shannon Briggs.

This is supposed to be the greatest comeback in sports? Seriously, this is a string of losses against good and robberies against mediocre opposition -- and one lucky punch.

Comeback Foreman had about as much substance as prime Rahman. The entire episode boils down to a single punch.
oh my god...

first off the sd to schulz was a robbery how could a judge give it to axel? foreman won by 2 rounds imo. all schulz did was hit and run against an old man.

he fought briggs for the lineal championship and was ROBBED.

you forgot the part where schulz lost 3 fights in a row and after each one the ibf got him another shot, schulz was just the ibfs thing after his promotor paid them off.
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