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Default Re: Foremans win over moorer

Originally Posted by luke View Post
oh my god...

first off the sd to schulz was a robbery how could a judge give it to axel? foreman won by 2 rounds imo. all schulz did was hit and run against an old man.

he fought briggs for the lineal championship and was ROBBED.

you forgot the part where schulz lost 3 fights in a row and after each one the ibf got him another shot, schulz was just the ibfs thing after his promotor paid them off.
Schulz was a ****ing bum who never should have gotten a title shot. And comeback Foreman still went life and death with him. Sorry it's just the truth.

Foreman - Briggs wasn't even a sanctioned title fight and I could care less for the 'lineal title' non-sense. Foreman ducked Schulz for the rematch even after the IBF mandated he was to face Schulz a second time around. Comeback Foreman didn't have the balls to face the Eurobum again and that's when he lost any rights to any title, IBF or lineal
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