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Default Re: Wilfredo Gomez ATG if no Light Featherweight division?

No, I don't think he would be remembered as great if he had existed during an 8 weight class era. I don't mean to diminish his standing (although I don't care for him!), as a great SBW/JFW, which he was.

He didn't seem to carry his power with him up to FW, or perhaps he just had the misfortune of facing elite level FW's in Sanchez/Nelson that make me believe this. He just seems to me to be one of those guys that benifitted from being a tweener (Not meant negative), but was not able to transcend to multiple weight divisions. To me reminiscent of Hatton or maybe a better comparrison is aaron Pryor....I don't think Pryor would be thought of as great without the benifit of a 140 division? I don't think he can pull that off at welter nor do I believe he could fight Lightweight for long, but perhaps that is the only way he would have found his niche. Someguys just don't seem to be able to do multiple divisions?
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