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Default Re: Could Tyrell Biggs been a good pro?

As things stood he wasn't all THAT bad. He won a gold medal. Beat Snipes, Tillis, Simms, Bey and Challenged for the world title against a dominant Tyson all in his first 16 fights. From there things went drastically down hill. But the man DID have a career. A cleaner lifestyle coupled with more discipline and a steady management team might have kept him in the top 10 longer - perhaps even made him a repeat contender. I highly doubt that he was ever champion material, but he wasn't a bum by any means. Parting ways with the Duva family following the Tyson loss, hurt him in my eyes. When I saw him fight Ossie Ocasio in 1990, Jimmy Young was in his corner and I don't know who was managing him from a business standpoint. The one thing I did notice was that he was still making a lot of amateurish mistakes that were never corrected despite being a pro now for some 5 years. Incidentally, Ocasio was standing in for Carl "the truth" Williams who pulled out at the last minute due to an injury sustained in training, or so it was claimed. I have my doubts about Biggs beating Williams at that time. Truth was a more polished professional and Biggs didn't have the tools to seriously trouble him, which for the most part was a deadly left hook..
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