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Default Re: Foremans win over moorer

Look at it all the way through.

Retires in his prime, claims to of had a near death experiance and to have found god as a result. People think he's gone bat **** crazy. He transforms from the grouchy George with the personality of a chop stick, to Big George, one of America's most loved men.

Funds youth centre out of his own pocket, contributes to worthwhile causes and preeches the bible to others. Years go by, his prime is long gone, George puts on vast amounts of weight.

Problem : Foreman is running out of money, he needs to do something. He decides to return to Boxing. As mentioned, he's very over weight. He starts working out and is dismissed as some sort of freak show.

He hires Angelo Dundee, and starts small. Working the weight off and regaining fitness, the media becomes curious. Foreman ammases a large amount of fans, his warm personality makes him a media darling and leads to the Foreman grill, he's also an inspiration to those in mid life.

Foreman knocks out ****ey on a PPV which does solid numbers, thus confirming his popularity and setting the stage for a World title shot against Holyfield. George loses by a wide UD in an entertaining fight.

Most people would of stopped there, 'I came back, gave it my best and fell at the last. I can be proud.' Not George Foreman. He goes back to fighting lesser guys and builds up his ranking, until Michael Moorer, the undefeated HW champion of the world and former LHW king picks Foreman as a way to make some money. George's chances are dismissed before the fight, he's 46 years old, nobody has ever done it before, let alone against such a young and seemingly skilled opponent.

It's 20 years since Zaire where George lost his title to Ali. He wears the same trunks he did that night, this is his chance to erase all those ghosts.
The fight starts and Moorer dominates, George can't land his shots. Moorer is so far ahead on the score cards, he can just cruise the last three rounds and win on points, George's dream is over, again he's fallen at the last hurdle. The audiance watches, not suprised by how the fight has gone, exactly as everyone thought it would then in the tenth round, CRACK, down goes Moorer, one shot ends the fight for Foreman, one shot gives him back what he lost 20 years ago! The place goes nuts, and where is George? Knelt in prayer in his corner, not forgetting his true purpose in returning.

That is the greatest comeback in Boxing history.
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