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Default Re: Ike Quartey vs these 4 welterweights.

Like everyone else, I think he stomps Judah.

I think his jab certainly troubles Mayweather, but I'm not sure Quartey could convert that into a win after Mayweather begins using superior speed and timing against him, and especially when I think about how Quartey faded down the stretch in a number of fights I've seen. (Carr, DLH, etc.)

Again, his jab troubles Pacquiao, especially since Quartey is so much bigger, but Pac's speed and variety might let him turn the tide.

Are we talking a plastered up Margo, or a non-plaster Margo? Trying to do a fantasy match with Margarito is tough, because we don't know how much of his career needs to be put into doubt. Anyway, I think both men have styles that are bad for each other: Margarito would keep walking into Quartey's jab, but if Margarito gets up to that 100 punches a round pace, can Quartey adequately defend against it and hang on through 12?

My guess is Quartey rearranges Margo's face with the jab until the ref or doctor stops the fight.
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