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Default Re: Foremans win over moorer

Originally Posted by The Wanderer View Post
As much as I love the win, (and it was a huge one) this whole mythology that Foreman was getting his ass kicked every round and then landed one shot drives me up the ****ing wall.

Let me ask you something: do you people actually watch fights? Or just to what other people and commentators say about fights and fighters? Just like most of you seem to believe that Hagler was a face first brawler (for most of his career he was a versatile boxer-puncher with good movement) or that JCC Sr was a take 3 to land 1 guy (out of all offensive fighters in history, he was one of the best when it came to defense and making his opponent miss) this ridiculous belief that Foreman was a human punching bag who only landed 1 big punch is a complete fabrication.

Fact is, while Moorer was dominating on the cards, a fair number of rounds were competitive, Foreman landed big shots in nearly every round, and he beat the **** out of Moorer all throughout the last round. I mean, he knocked Moorer from one side of the ring to the other before Moorer finally fell.

Don't know what good it'll do posting footage since some of you won't notice a punch landing if an announcer doesn't say something about it, but seriously, watch the ****ing fights before you comment on them!
Yep, you're right. It's one of those myths which has constantly been perpetuated by people who don't watch boxing matches. The Chavez/Taylor fight is another one. If you listened to some people, you'd think Chavez just took punches until the 12th round when he landed a single good shot. Froch/Taylor is another. How many people argue that it was a shut out in favour of Taylor?

Foreman was always in the fight because Moorer wasn't hard to hit. The difference was activity.
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