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Originally Posted by babaluma View Post
I don't want to knock any man brave enough to get in the ring, but while idly checking out Tomasz Adamek's record to get info on his fights with Paul Briggs I noticed he had beaten Bobby Gunn. I chased up Gunn's record as it rang a bell and remembered he had put up a rather lamentable "challenge" to Enzo Maccarinelli, one of the lamest fights I have ever seen.

I know I should not be so naive but how the hell did Gunn, after getting battered in 1 round, go on to have not only another shot at a title but two consecutive fights for a title (if you count the IBU) both of which ended in early retirement...Is he very well connected because he hardly looks like a particularly exciting fighter?

Can anyone come up with other equally unqualified contenders who had several shots at a title?
it is a sad reality of Boxing, and boxing at it's worst for that matter, both in politics and a fighters lack of ability. Sadly more common today than ever with so many fighters vying for titles and yet champions and fighters not fighting as much as they should; well then someone has got to be an opponent for a champ.

or maybe he was just better than the great many fighters of the past!
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