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Default Re: Could Ali handle the size of a Lewis?

Originally Posted by hernanday View Post
What do all Large guys with jabs like Lewis and Klitschko have as vulnerabilities.
1. Klitschko reach is also 80, so there goes his jab. Him and ali have equal reaches meaning the guy with the faster fist and feet win. And I don't even have to explain that one further.
2. Lewis arms are longer, he hits harder, but again the downside of being tall is when you throw your jab you are vulnerable to counters by a fast footed or a fast handed opponent, and no one has faster feet nor hands in the heavyweight division save for possibly tyson or patterson in their primes.

ali is not sitting around, he is sticking and moving, he is going to make these big guys move, they are going to get tired and neither has good endurance. Klitschko got rope a doped by ross purrity, who do you think rope a dopes better ross puritty or muhammad ali. Lennox only lost by being koed 2 times under 6 rounds with surprise shots. I have Ali winning both handedly by knockouts.
Most jabs are aimed at the face. If height were the only variable (reach being equal), this still puts the shorter fighter at a disadvantage.
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