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Default Re: Nigel Benn vs Chris Eubank Better Resume

An ultimate British Boxing question?

You've got to go with Eubank though. DeWitt, Sims and Barkley were Yank tough cases but Thornton and Essett were just as good (as proved in their fights with them or Thornton doing 10x better against Toney than Barkley did). McClellan was a powerful puncher and looked talented but Mike Watson was better in so many ways. Then there's Lindell Holmes who at his best I believe was a step above Barkley or McClellan, certainly technically. And then Rocchigiani who was streets ahead of Nardiello or Galvano... Sanderline Williams wasn't any more slippery than Essett, either.

So I'm going with Eubank, who also dealt with Logan, Malinga and Wharton a lot more sufficiently than Nigel did, and looked to have been dubiously defeated on the cards in his first fights with Collins and Thompson when Benn was already a shot fighter. He also beat Benn himself, of course, very cleanly.

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