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Default Re: Fourth and fifth best heavyweights of the nineties ?

=lufcrazy;13975438]I'd rate them above Foreman's victory over Moorer but not the other's listed.
So beating Chris Byrd who hadn't done **** to deserve a rating and David Tua who's best win was over an unknown Ruiz trumped a win over a 35-0 reigning world champion? That's really ****ed.

I don't care whether it's the lineal title or the WBC international title. the man makes the belt, not the other way round.
And who the hell did Moorer and Foreman beat to win the title? I believe it was THE MAN who held it before him, hence the expression " you have to beat the man to become the man. "

Tua has beaten: Ruiz, Izon, Maskaev, Tubbs and Rahman. If I think he deserved the Ike fight I'd happily put him number 5.
So you'd rank him at #5 for the entire decade based on wins over a 10 fight Maskaev, Derek Izon who never accomplished anything, John Ruiz who was nobody at the time, a washed up Tubbs and Rahman? How in the blue **** are these wins suppose to ad up to Moorer beating Holy, Cooper, Stewart, Botha and Schultz and Foreman's wins over Moorer, Savarese, Rodriguez, Stewart and Coetzer plus the claims of being two world champions? Seriously bro, if you have to start throwing around names like Izon you must be s****ing the bottom of the barrel.

If not, Ike has taken the 0 from two top unbeaten contenders and would be deserving also.
So right now as it stands with you, Ike has one win over an unaccomplshed Contender who's best win was Ross Purity and an undecided outcome over a guy who was very nearly as unaccomplished? THIS is your criteria for flip flopping between the two of them as being the FIFTH best heavyweight of the 1990's?
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