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Default Re: Andres Aldama 'The Cuban Assassin'

Flea Man,,,,,

The video of Andres Aldama scoring that (KO 1) 'one-punch' straight left hand
knockout was over Bulgaria's Vladimer Kolev in the semi-finals of the Light-Welterweight Division.

Vladimer Kolev was 'out' for 10-minutes, and had to be carried out of the ring on
a stretcher.

In the ABC-TV video, Howard Cosell incorrectly (as usual) called The Bulgarian - Vladimer Kolev,
a Polish fighter.

Andres who weighed right at the (63.5 Kg) limit, carried 139.7 lbs. into the ring.

In the Finals, Ray Leonard weighed in at 137 lbs.

My personal opinion, that was Ray Leonard's 'best ever' ring performance, when
he Decisioned - Andres Aldama.

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