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Default Re: sonny liston vs jack johnson.....

Originally Posted by KuRuPT View Post
Battling Jim SCHOOLING Johnson.. Seamus you jest... Please quote any primary source that say this ro anything like this. A plodding big spoiler would never school johnson.. if anything he did just as he usually did.. Spoil.
"His opponent, three shades blacker, batters him."
"If the bout had gone much further there is little doubt but that the conqueror of Jeffries would have taken the count."
"There was a demand that the admission money be refunded as soon as the referee declared the contest a draw, this ruling meeting with great disfavor."
"Jim Johnson... forced the fighting all the way, making his attack on Jack's stomach. In the seventh round he broke down the champion's guard three times, and each time he followed with terrific uppercuts which grazed Jack's jaw."

In regards to the broken arm.. "It was the general impression among the spectators that the injury had been sustained in the last minute of the fight when Jim rushed Jack to the ropes and the two went to the floor... Both men jumped up quickly... (Jack) tottered to his corner, holding his left arm and declaring it was broken."

Sound as though he were schooled not spoiled.

Originally Posted by KuRuPT View Post
Johnson beat hart by most accounts I've read and certainly would've beat hart by today's standards.
Sounds like you have seen the fight. I have only read about it but it sounds as though Jack took the lead and then did not press the issue, allowing Hart to lead and win over by aggression, which at the time and with the ref being the decider was basis for awarding the victory. With so much on the line (a potential title shot) Johnson needed to close the show. Or perhaps he should have scheduled the fight for a hundred years later.

Originally Posted by KuRuPT View Post
O'brien.. are we really talking about a 6 round fight in which Johnson was out partying nad drinking the night before and still got the nod on some people cards and was barely trying? Sorry, I don't know how that is proof of Johnson's lack of power.
Should I break out my violin with each Johnson excuse for his poor performances? I'd have blisters on my fingers. It was a TITLE DEFENSE. He got outworked and outhit by a spindly, shopworn lightheavy who couldn't break an egg.
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