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Default Re: Im noob and its feels awkward as hell trying to box, need advice!

Originally Posted by Speechless View Post
I love how candid you are with your experiences. Don't lose confidence - it's all part of learning. I don't know if i agree with Jeff's comment completely, but there's some truth to it. Forgetting technique and just fighting has its advantages.
Personally, I think your problem is getting over the fear and emotion and adrenaline, and just calm down. Much of your issues would be resolved if you were more relaxed and actually thinking about what you're doing rather than panicking.
We can give you tons of advice about technique, but I think first thing's first - get your mind right. Fight smart, think about your shots and look for openings before throwing. Make sure your spacing is right. Think about combos. When I was starting out, visualization helped me big time with relaxing and thinking about how I want to fight.
Take 10 minutes before you hit the gym. Actually close your eyes and picture yourself as a relaxed fighter, not scared of getting hit, and having excellent defense. Go through the motions in your mind, based on how your partner fights and how you'd like to fight. Then try to do that in the ring. Sounds cliche, and stupid I know. But visualization helps a lot.

Brilliant thanks mate I will definitely try that, alot of great athletes use visualization so I definitely believe in your advice!

Kind regards!
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