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Default Re: Im noob and its feels awkward as hell trying to box, need advice!

Originally Posted by tonyb View Post
listen!!!!! bocxing takes time. my advice is first learn footwork,then when u spar,try to learns your distance. trow jabs in bunches. Everytime your opponent just makes a little move just trow the jab at him.EVERY time. That way u learn to take full control of your opponent. every time he takes a step against u, just take a step back with hin,so he feels that he can never reach u. the he will try to overcommt,and u have all the space u need to counter.. start a combination with the jab,and finish it with the jab. when it comes to defence,just stick to the basig in the beggining, like high guard and catcing punches. and dont fall in to the mistake of many beginners of not throwing back right after catching a shot. if u just catch shotsh and not fire back right away, your reflecses will be trained to just catch and nt fire back wuickly. that way you will make boxing alot harder to learn than it needs to be. and listen to your trainer, thats what his there for. good luck!!!!!
Cheers Tony mate I really appreciate your advice and help, that really sounds like it will work well, cant wait to try it!
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