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Default Re: sonny liston vs jack johnson.....

Originally Posted by Boilermaker View Post

Do you or any others have any information on teh Johnson Price fight. Obviously it means nothing. But i had always been told that Walter Price was a flyweight (or might ahve been featherweight) when Johnson lost to him.

But, i just found this description on boxrec.
Boxing Illustrated May 1968 Issue (pp 31-33) entitled "Strickly Off The Record" by Walter M. Price. In the article Price claima he KO'd Johnson. He quotes: "I was 45 and Johnson 56. I weighed 205 and Johnson 257 ...... The place was the basement of a club on Shamute (Shawmut) Avenue, big enough to hold a couple of hundred men ...... The fight was to be no count, to the finish, bare hands, no rounds, one bell to start the fight and one to declare a winner when one man could no longer continue ...... Tom Sprague was the referee ..... Weaving to my left, I stepped in with a fast left hook .... it landed flush on the jaw ... Johnson fell forward .... Rolling over he tried to get up, but fell to a sitting position. ... He rang the bell and shouted, Price in 19 minutes."

Sounds like a complete fabrication to me. But, even if not, note that price was apparently a 200plus fighter for this fight. And then consider that Johnson went 19 minutes (no rounds) with bare knuckles at 60 years of age with a professional fighter who was 200 plus kg and at 250 plus kg it seems that he did so without even training for the fight.
I have this magazine, the fight may well have happened, what importance should be given to a 60 years old ex champ being beaten in a saloon fight by an also ran is up to the individual,[unless you are Mendoza,]. I remember at the end of the story ,as Price tells it, a friend of his says after the fight," you were not in his class".
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