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Default Re: Gene Tunney vs Cleveland Williams

Originally Posted by red cobra View Post
then he must have had a Jake Lamotta type beard, because he was only down once in his career. You severely overestimate Williams.
A tribute to his(and his braintrust's) careful matchmaking. Look at his record and compare it to many of his contemporaries. No contest. Tunney was good at picking on aging middleweights and such (LaMotta fought all kinds of class-A punchers. Tunney did not). How many big hitters that could have really tested Gene's chin did he face? None.

I think the only thing being overestimated here is Tunney's worth as a heavyweight and, even more to the point, his defensive capabilities. He was a good defensive fighter, but far from being some unhittable phantom, which he would need to be if his narrow frame is going to survive being whacked by someone so much the naturally bigger and stronger man, which Williams was.

The Dempsey fight has led everyone to completely overrate Tunney in the defensive dept. All one has to do is go back and read up on his numerous fights. What prime contender did Tunney face who had trouble hitting him? Where are the descriptions of Tunney's airtight defense and defensive wizardry? I haven't found it yet. That's all I'm saying. I could be wrong, but I honestly haven't found anything that supports this other than two fights against a has-been JD.
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