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Default Re: Fourth and fifth best heavyweights of the nineties ?

Originally Posted by janitor View Post
I am not generaly a fan of rating fighters based on loosing efforts, but the fact is that Mercer gave very competitive fights to both Lewis and Holyfield when it realy counted for something.

IThis suggests to me that at his best, he had a bit more going for him than Moorer or Tua, and was tantalisingly colse to being something realy special.

He did have good wins over peaking versions of Morrison, Damiani and Cooper along with a very close victory over a resurgent Tim Witherspoon whom the ring had ranked at #10 in 1996. His losing effort to Lewis was a galant one, and I myself felt that a draw verdict could have been appropriate. Never saw the Holyfield fight. So in essence, he does have some substance to go by. But at the same time, I feel that #5 is a tad high for someone who lost fights to Jesse Ferguson, an aged Holmes and drew with Marion Wilson. He certainly makes top 10 for the decade in my book.
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