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Default Re: Barney Ross vs Floyd Mayweather/ Winner?

hahaha i forgot the question and just followed the brawl

tough one for me to answer. the footage i've seen of ross is limited but his chin, technique and versitility are, to me, top rate. all 3, the latter two especially are damned important ot beating a fighter like mayweather. those, along with workrate, make ross extremely dangerous.

on the other hand, mayweather is pretty brilliant. there are a lot of knocks against him, but he's great at what he does. his defense may prevent ross from getting too much offense going and i think his counters will land.

My take...

Rounds 1-5: Mayweather takes an early lead, winning the final 3 rounds with accurate, sharp counters while Ross struggles slightly to find mayweathers timing. Ross tries in vain to control Mayweather, who slides out and lands the right. Mayweather is getting ****y.

Mayweather, 3-2

Rounds 6-10: Ross begins timing Mayweather with the jab and interrupting his advances. Floyd is forced into a defensive stance as Ross picks up points and begins avoiding more counters. Mayweather is still landing, and hard, but Ross rarely blinks and controls the tempo of the fight and lands more shots, often to the body. Mayweather attempts to walk Ross down towards the final 2 rounds of the stanza but is pushed back.

Ross 5-5

Rounds 11-15: Ross picks up the pace gradually and by the 12th, is trying to run over Mayweather, coming in hard with the double jab and throwing blistering combos. This creates opportunities for Floyd to counter, which he does and begins using movement to avoid Ross. Unfortunately, Floyd finds his feet aren't up to the task at 147 and he's consistently cornered by Ross. He's rarely hurt and never in danger of getting knocked out but Ross controls the rounds clearly and turns Floyd too defensive to score points.

Ross, 9-6

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