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Default Re: will you be watching Rios vs Alvarado? where will you watch it?

Originally Posted by shaunster101 View Post
I hope all you sick ****s get banned. Especially happydrinks.
If you were trying to hurt my feels 'shaunster101' (if that's even your real name.) then I hope you're happy because you have succeeded.

Real talk though lads. For realsies. The dangers of internet streaming are well known. Especially if you try and watch 2 at once in a move the hardcore streamers call crossing the streams. Some say Jimmy Savile started innocently streaming boxing matches on his computer until boxing wasn't doing it for him anymore. He tried everything to get his kicks, even at one point only watching insane russian streams with Rammestein blaring into his ear phones at full blast (This is said to be like watching boxing from inside Vital Klitshcko's own head) but to no avail. Eventually he tried crossing the streams but the connection got knocked off line and it wired around the mainframe and downloaded 50 megahurtz of kiddy porn straight into his brain and he was never the same again. It's a slippery slope; one minute you're barely awake trying to make out which pixel is your favourite boxer and the next you're ***** deep in some preteen s****** like Savile (allegedly) was.

Be safe. Don't cross the streams. Don't **** kids.
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