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Default Re: Does Bonnar have any chance at all?

Originally Posted by Rob_Floyd View Post
His only practical chance is to drag it to the mat and try to smother Anderson using his size and positional BJJ skill. Try to grind out two rounds.
That's what I think Bonnar should do as well. First two rounds, drag Anderson to the ground. Gain top control. Fitch him as much as possible. Rough him up Sonnen-style with punches and short elbows. Use the size and strength advantage. Tire him out with the weight advantage. Avoid engaging with him on the feet. Dive on a limb if he leaves one out. That's the first two rounds.

Third round, try to survive for 5 minutes.

Originally Posted by Rob_Floyd View Post
Or maybe Anderson will twist his ankle or something. Maybe he will step the wrong way, and blow out a knee. Of course there is a chance that Bonnar wins, but it is incredibly small.
Always that chance. But barring freak injury, I still think there's a path to victory for Bonnar. It's just that it's a very narrow path, twisting and full of treacherous rocks, with a terrible fall on both sides.

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