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Default Re: MUNDINE CHALLENGES GEALE OFFICIALLY. offers to take the smaller purse!

grange could call k2's bluff. If the fight isn't made by December 31st it goes to purse bid. The only way they can strip Geale is if K2 or anyone else win the bid and geale passes on the fight. Do K2 really want the fight?? They already talking about other fights. If they where so desperate to make it go to purse bid! The fight makes no sense unless it's on show time or HBO. HBO has no dates so let's hope Geale gets to keep his title!
Originally Posted by mrdoctor View Post
golovkins k2 promotions have said they will not wait..and will enforce the title to be stipped.sturm had to fight GGG as a mandatory and got an exception as long as he fought GGG after unifying the titles.wba also said this to team geale.they both agreed and GGG allowed the fight to take place.he has already waited once and now they will enforce it.
the rumours are now swirling grange will relinguish the wba title and quick so they can put up the belt in GGG next fight in december..geale doing hbo a big favour here and chocs team has taken wind of it and decided to publicy announce a geale fight...this is mundine getting in before geale announces his intentions and then once geale makes known his intentions mundine will call him a ducker...mundines next move is to wait till geale announces his next fight for the ibf title and then call him a ducker again.
basically trying to stalk him and generate some publicity for himself.
hbo have told geale that they will look after him and not worry about mundine and dont mention his name...
ibf have also told sillyman to keep his mouth shut and play the game or they will shut him out....geales getting looked after by the big boys and is very relaxed about the situation...believe me guys mundine is finished..!
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