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Default Re: Danny caught out lieing again. When did Greeny change?

Originally Posted by buster007 View Post
u r a jealous cry baby.

searching high and low for any slip up u can find of danny green.

that is a hater, full stop.

did u know that green was seen jay walking recently? i think u should call the authorities and have him arrested immediately. what a despicable human being he must be
You're the crybaby. Why didn't you post about me being a jealous hater when I post about Mundine and his ridiculous bull****?. Jealous of what? Their are boxers who are a hell of a lot richer than Green who I admire and don't bull**** 1/2 as much as he does. Crybaby You don't want me to bump your whimpering crybaby thread about how the man you love threw the fight against Tarver. You are the worst sook on this forum I have ever seen. Green is obsessed with Mundine it's getting pathetic the irrelevant ****ant dominates his thoughts and you hate it.
He's been caught out bull****ting and using the irrelevant ****ants name again it's pathetic and it eats you up inside.
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