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Default Re: Foremans win over moorer

Originally Posted by vargasfan1985 View Post

You said he was inactive 10 years before the Moorer fight. If you read that statement through my eyes and other eyes, it would come off like he went into that fight with a 10 year layoff. That's how I read it because that's how it sounded.

The correct thing to say would have been, "it's impressive because he was inactive for 10 years and mounted a comeback later".

Me brush up on boxing? LOL. I called your post out because it seemed like you were the one misinformed. I've known about the whole Moorer-Foreman story since I was in high school. Which was nearly a decade ago.

if you know the foreman moorer story how come you would jump to such a ridiculous point in thinking that foreman was 10 years inactive then got a title shot, its plain to see what i wrote and what you have, im not going off at you some people know boxing less than others and make mistakes, thats why if you brush up on your facts you wont make the same mistake, its either that or you are not a native speaker of english and are getting confused by the way i wrote that. dont use a google translator they always change words/grammar/structure of paragraphs

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