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Default Re: sonny liston vs jack johnson.....

Originally Posted by Seamus View Post
"His opponent, three shades blacker, batters him."
"If the bout had gone much further there is little doubt but that the conqueror of Jeffries would have taken the count."
"There was a demand that the admission money be refunded as soon as the referee declared the contest a draw, this ruling meeting with great disfavor."
"Jim Johnson... forced the fighting all the way, making his attack on Jack's stomach. In the seventh round he broke down the champion's guard three times, and each time he followed with terrific uppercuts which grazed Jack's jaw."

In regards to the broken arm.. "It was the general impression among the spectators that the injury had been sustained in the last minute of the fight when Jim rushed Jack to the ropes and the two went to the floor... Both men jumped up quickly... (Jack) tottered to his corner, holding his left arm and declaring it was broken."

Sound as though he were schooled not spoiled.

Sounds like you have seen the fight. I have only read about it but it sounds as though Jack took the lead and then did not press the issue, allowing Hart to lead and win over by aggression, which at the time and with the ref being the decider was basis for awarding the victory. With so much on the line (a potential title shot) Johnson needed to close the show. Or perhaps he should have scheduled the fight for a hundred years later.

Should I break out my violin with each Johnson excuse for his poor performances? I'd have blisters on my fingers. It was a TITLE DEFENSE. He got outworked and outhit by a spindly, shopworn lightheavy who couldn't break an egg.
As can be clearly seen the booing began DURING the fight and was NOT a protest about the decision

"Jack Johnson, the heavyweight champion, and Battling Jim Johnson, another colored pugilist, of Galveston, Texas, met in a ten-round contest here tonight, which ended in a draw. The spectators loudly protested throughout that the men were not fighting, and demanded their money back. Many of them left the hall. The organizers of the fight explained the fiasco by asserting that Jack Johnson's left arm was broken in the third round. There is no confirmation of a report that Jack Johnson had been stabbed, and no evidence at the ringside of such an accident. During the first three rounds he was obviously playing with his opponent. After that it was observed that he was only using his right hand. When the fight was over he complained that his arm had been injured. Doctors who made an examination certified to a slight fracture of the radius of the left arm. The general opinion is that his arm was injured in a wrestling match early in the week, and that a blow tonight caused the fracture of the bone"

More spin shot down.

This link give s a verdict on the Hart Johnson fight .

Its a bit different to your interpretation.

[No surprise there then]

If Johnson had beaten Hart ,I'll rephrase that, if he had received the decision, do you really think Jeffries would have given him a title shot?
Because he is on record prior to the fight stating he would not.
I could produce accounts of the Battling Johnson fight that state the champion had his man groggy at the end , but you would ignore them so there is no point.

You are like Mendoza, you only believe what you want to,and what your agenda indicates you should .

You pick a defence in which Johnson was nearly 36, had been out of the ring for a year and a half and was fighting with a broken arm?
I dont know what you think you are achieving with this ,do you believe Johnson going the ten rounds distance with a broken arm indicates that Liston beats him?

Should I say Liston quit twice therefore Johnson beats him?

George Siler was ringside for the Hart fight he called it a very curious decision by the referee, Johnson won the first 10 rounds according to some reports if he won any after that he should have got the verdict.
When you stated O Brien had Johnson groggy a couple of times ,comon-sense should have told me to disengage with you.I've only myself to blame for this waste of time.
This is going nowhere and is therefore pointless.

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