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Default Re: Could Ali handle the size of a Lewis?

Originally Posted by DrBanzai View Post
Wlad gained about 10lbs as a pro, his 20 or 21 year old weight was boy weight. lewis on the other hand was all juice and all his weight gain came from a bottle.

Prime Ali would not only win every round against Lewis, he would KO him in 8 or less.
Wlad gained a significant amount of weight compared to his early pro days and his days in kick boxing about 30lbs+ actually, as well his brother was caught with them so i can safely assume he takes them.

Both Lewis and the K2 would be ALOT smaller had they grown up and fought in Ali's era, they have huge advantages in modern diets, supplements, weight training and roids to gain strength and size. All Ali did was drink juice, eat lean meat, hit the bag, run, spar and do sit ups. Ali was naturally a very huge guy and it honestly wouldn't suprise me at all if the K2 were born in that era and did that type of training if they didnt even scale 200lbs.
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