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Default Re: sonny liston vs jack johnson.....

Originally Posted by mcvey View Post
If Johnson had beaten Hart ,I'll rephrase that, if he had received the decision, do you really think Jeffries would have given him a title shot?
Because he is on record prior to the fight stating he would not.
I could produce accounts of the Battling Johnson fight that state the champion had his man groggy at the end , but you would ignore them so there is no point ,you are like Mendoza, you only believe what you want to,and what your agenda indicates you should .
Utter ****e on two levels. I produced a report wired from Paris to New York that states the exact opposite of what you say you can produce regarding the Johnson/Johnson affair. And for the record, I am nothing like any other poster on this board so stop that **** in its tracks.

Originally Posted by mcvey View Post
I dont know what you think you are achieving with this ,do you believe Johnson going the ten rounds distance with a broken arm indicates trhat Liston beats him? Should I say Liston quit twice therfore Johnson beats him?
The reports I have read state that the arm was broken in the final round when Jim fell backward while Jack had his arms locked around Jim's back. Jack rose and for the first time complained of a broken arm. What I aim to suggest is that Johnson was not all that great against motivated, larger, practiced (not retired) foes, that he was sporadic in his greatness and untrustworthy to produce an excellent result in a given bout.

Originally Posted by mcvey View Post
George Siler was ringside for the Hart fight he called it a very curious decision by the referee, Johnson wonthe first 10 rounds according to some reports if he won any after that he should have got the verdict.

This is going nowhere and is therefore pointless.
That was a moment for Johnson to shine but he could not decisively overcome a tough but rather pedestrian Hart. The very greatest of champions rise to such occasions; Johnson did not.

Look, we may be splicing **** hairs here. I still have Johnson on the cusp of my top ten. But when included he remains the fighter with the most caveats and excuses regarding his performances that I would ever allow. It's simply beyond credulity that so many of his performances need such allowances.

Perhaps Pollack's next book will shed more light and I will change my opinion. Contrary to what you think of me, I am still open minded in this regard.
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