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Default Re: sonny liston vs jack johnson.....

Originally Posted by Seamus View Post
Utter ****e on two levels. I produced a report wired from Paris to New York that states the exact opposite of what you say you can produce regarding the Johnson/Johnson affair. And for the record, I am nothing like any other poster on this board so stop that **** in its tracks.

The reports I have read state that the arm was broken in the final round when Jim fell backward while Jack had his arms locked around Jim's back. Jack rose and for the first time complained of a broken arm. What I aim to suggest is that Johnson was not all that great against motivated, larger, practiced (not retired) foes, that he was sporadic in his greatness and untrustworthy to produce an excellent result in a given bout.

That was a moment for Johnson to shine but he could not decisively overcome a tough but rather pedestrian Hart. The very greatest of champions rise to such occasions; Johnson did not.

Look, we may be splicing **** hairs here. I still have Johnson on the cusp of my top ten. But when included he remains the fighter with the most caveats and excuses regarding his performances that I would ever allow. It's simply beyond credulity that so many of his performances need such allowances.

Perhaps Pollack's next book will shed more light and I will change my opinion. Contrary to what you think of me, I am still open minded in this regard.
No ,you wont change your opinion ,you have a closed mind.Read the link on the Hart fight.

The link below gives Jeffries reaction to Johnson ,koing Denver Ed Martin for over ten minutes and then challenging him.

I don't care if Johnson licks the whole Japanese Navy I won't fight a black man .
Some World Champ

PS The N Y Times did not have a reporter at the Johnson v Johnson fight ,you are quoting an A P wire report.

This is from the Indianapolis Star who DID have a reporter ringside.

While the Johnson v. Johnson fight had been billed as a world heavyweight title match, in many ways, it resembled an exhibition. A sportswriter from the [ame=""]Indianapolis Star[/ame] at the fight reported that the crowd became unruly when it was apparent that neither boxer was putting up a fight.
"Jack Johnson, the heavyweight champion, and Battling Jim Johnson, another coloured pugilist, of Galveston, Texas, met in a 10-round contest here tonight, which ended in a draw. The spectators loudly protested throughout that the men were not fighting, and demanded their money back. Many of them left the hall. The organizers of the fight explained the fiasco by asserting that Jack Johnson's left arm was broken in the third round. There is no confirmation of a report that Jack Johnson had been stabbed and no evidence at the ringside of such an accident. During the first three rounds he was obviously playing with his opponent. After that it was observed that he was only using his right hand. When the fight was over he complained that his arm had been injured. Doctors who made an examination, certified to a slight fracture of the radius of the left arm. The general opinion is that his arm was injured in a wrestling match early in the week, and that a blow tonight caused the fracture of the bone."[19]
Because of the draw, Jack Johnson kept his championship. After the fight, he explained that his left arm was injured in the third round and he could not use it.

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